Motor Loan Services

Car Finance made easy!

Always talk to us before you go searching for a car to buy – be properly prepared!

We do all the hard work – FREE! (The banks pay us – so you don’t have to)

We’ll give you the info you need to be informed and confident about financing your vehicle with a loan and the buying process – the costs, the procedure, the whole caboodle.

Our service includes:

  • Establishing the maximum car loan you can apply for.
  • Advice on making an offer and negotiating a price.
  • Estimating all the costs so you don’t get any surprises.
  • Preparing the application and motivating the loan to the bank.
  • Submitting and following up the application.
  • Negotiate interest rates

Ask about using your loan to consolidate debt and save thousands of rands!

Your automobile is an important investment – we can help you understand how to use the loan to your best advantage.

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